Friday, February 04, 2011

Diamond Hoop Earrings Will Heighten Your Grace

In the contemporary age, among the earrings of repute the diamond hoop earrings have already earned a good fame, for the sake of its elegance. In this regard, it should be said most equivalently that the hoop diamond earrings are popular in these days in the most perfect manner, and for this amplified recognition the credit goes to none other than the young pop divas like Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo, hip-hop diva extraordinaire. It is due to the contribution of J-Lo that this trend has extended to far and wide. It is also to be noted, that she has also been responsible for making the concepts of chandelier earring, and other cascading-style ear ornaments highly admired.

Diamond Hoop Earrings

However, it should be taken into consideration that the diamond hoop earrings is not only confined to the likings of the actresses of the contemporary age, but even in the past they used to be the favorites of internationally acclaimed actresses. Who can ever forget actress Elizabeth Taylor and her special fondness for diamonds? Her fondness for diamond is such that she has often been termed the lady with diamond. Even her fascination for diamond is known in the four corners of the earth. For instance, at the time when she was dubbed a Dame of the British Empire, the nation held a "black tie and diamonds" event, to commemorate her love for that specific precious stone. It should be known, that the diamond hoop earrings happen to be one of the finest treasures in the jewelry collection of this legendary actress.

Take hoop earrings up another level and what do you get? Precious stones set into the hoops. What precious stone is considered the most popular, the most prestigious, and the most in-demand throughout the ages? Of course, it is the diamond. Now, what is the specialty of diamonds and how are these precious stones formed? From various spheres of scientific experiments it has been learnt that diamonds happen to be the result and are formed for over a period of a billion or more years deep within the crust of the Earth. It has been learnt from an assortment of experiments, that the crust of the Earth is about 90 miles deep and is found to be pushed to the surface by volcanoes. It is during this period of tremendous movement the earliest formation of diamonds do take place. To some schools of thought, most diamonds are found in volcanic rock called kimberlitic or in the sea after having been carried away by rivers when they were pushed to the surface. It has been found that the diamond earrings do appear in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. At sometimes they do appear in very brittle conditions which appear to be the most perfect for the creation of cascading earring designs. But at other times they appear to be so thick that the stones and other materials can be set into them.

It seems that these secrets of formation were even known among the ancient tribes of Central and South America. The diamond hoop earrings were very famous among them as a favorite jewelry style, and to be very precise, at a time when gold flowed freely and primarily held only decorative value! From that time on till date this specified jewelry has been depicted as one of the most precious ones, and are considered more glamorous. The diamond hoop earrings are sometimes worn with other jewels that do heighten its elegance to a new height.

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